Working together for a sustainable future

Agriton Group manufactures, sources and supplies a range of agricultural, horticultural and Home & Garden products. These products are aimed at improving one or more of the chemical, physical and biological aspects within the Soil-Plant-Animal-Manure cycle. Failure to complete this cycle has, over decades, contributed to global warming and the degradation of our soils. By completing this cycle we can recycle energy to improve efficiencies, reduce harmful emissions and promote a healthier and more natural balance.

Agro-Vital focuses on the integrated management of agricultural and horticultural crops. Our range of smart fertilisers aim to maximise crop yields and quality whilst reducing the application of products that are potentially harmful to soils, crop health and the wider environment.

We are committed to bringing products to the UK market that enhance these values either by offering growers solutions to replace crop production products that are harmful to our soils and the environment, or to help reduce their use to sustainable levels.

Agriton Group replaces environmentally damaging inputs with environmentally friendly alternatives